Do you really need a wedding photographer?

Of course I’m going to be biased here, but hear me out.

Look around your family home, the house you grew up in. Examine what is on the walls, on the mantelpiece, propped up against an ornament.

It’s photographs.

They record loved ones we’ve lost and happy memories we’d love to revisit. Sadly, the complexity of the value of photographs often doesn’t make itself apparent until after the people within them are no longer with us.

A hard truth to often accept, everyone in the family typically comes together for weddings and funerals, why not pay to have one of these rare events documented properly?

There’s always more money to be made, but you’ll only have one wedding, invest in it, in thirty years time, you’ll be glad you did,

What is your photography style?

I love to shoot from far, in a photojournalistic way, observing without interacting and losing the moment. Having said that, I still have to cover the basics and make sure all the formal family group photos and portraits are taken care of.

Do you offer payment plans

I know one of the biggest stress factors in wedding planning is often keeping to the budget. So, I have made it easier for you to secure wedding photography without worrying about breaking the budget.

Choose an affordable payment plan that works for you and secure your date by booking. We offer a variety of payment methods to make it possible for everyone to afford great quality wedding photography and videography services without breaking the bank.

Secure your date with a payment plan that works for you. We offer three ways to pay to make quality wedding photography affordable.

We're planning a destination wedding. What do you need to know?

Amazing!!!! I need the usual details such as dates of all events, venues you will be using, timings of events and number of guests that will be attending,

This information helps me provide you the best possible investment plan along with the best set of images.

What happens if things don't go to plan on the wedding day?

I always ask the couple to put together an itinerary for the wedding day, nonetheless things don't always go to plan and I always give the couples options to make back time by working things around to make them fit better.

Can we meet or chat?

If you would like to chat over the phone, meet me in person or over Zoom, just get in touch and we can easily get something into the diary.

A typical pre wedding consultation usually last between 30-50 mins.

How many weddings have you photographed?

I've been capturing wedding memories for couples since 2013 and on average throughout the year I shoot 60-80 weddings, taking it to well over 1000 weddings.

Do you have a backup plan in case of illness or emergency?

Yes, I am fortunate to have an amazing team and some wonderful friends and colleagues all neatly bundled together in a black book of photographers. In the event of an emergency, everyone gets pinged and we work out how to solve the problem. Whilst no one really wants to consider it, emergencies do occur so it’s good to know it’s there just in case. In the event of something happening to me out of the blue, you will never be left without a photographer for your day.

Can we provide a list of must-have shots?

It depends what’s on it! I always ask clients for a list of any group photographs they would like, these are my responsibility to take and something I am in complete control of. If your list has static objects on it, such as ‘a picture of the flowers’ or ‘a picture of the tables before dinner’, then by all means send me that list.

Lists get tricky when clients try to be too specific e.g. ‘my dad crying when he sees me’. This is problematic because trying to pre-empt otherwise organic moments often ends in disappointment. It’s the rule of the universe, if you specify a shot of him crying, I guarantee he’ll walk into the room and say ‘hi’, then leave.

Better off saying to me: I’d love it if you can try and get pictures of XYZ, but no worries if it doesn’t happen. That way, I know what pictures you’d love, but you also aren’t setting yourself up for disappointment if it doesn’t happen.

Can I see more work?

Yes! Just get in touch and I can give you some links to complete weddings to look through. You can also browse lots of work on the blog.

Does my photographers personality matter?

Bare in mind that you will spend almost 90% of your wedding day with your media team in very close proximity so make sure you get on with them and they're a joy to be around. You wouldn't want things to get awkward!

FAQ continued...

Can we purchase a wedding album after our wedding?

I would rather you book in an album at point of contract signing. It helps me and the team to consciously make sure we are capturing images that will go into an album, not to say we will not do that anyway, but we just make sure by letting you know that a certain image will be needed for an album spread.

Can I add events or products to my package?

Making sure your wedding day is covered is most important to me and the team. At the point of booking if you are uncertain of any pre events that you would like covered, I can always add these after.

When should i book my pre wedding shoot?

I would strongly suggest not to leave your engagement session any later than 2 months before the wedding. This gives me time to prep the images for any guest books or printed frames and even the Dj screens. Also it allows us to reschedule incase of any delay or emergencies and still give us enough time to prep.

What's the turnaround time?

Our typical turnaround time is 3-6 months, depending on our workload and busy seasons throughout the year.

I do offer a Premium service which provides the images back to you the same week guaranteed of the wedding at the cost of £600.

How many photographers do I need?

This depends on the event that you are having covered. If the team and I are covering pre wedding events, 1 photographer is more than capable of covering within the limit of 150 guests. Any more than this number and I strongly suggest 2 photographers to make sure all guests are covered and provide a variety of images.

How many images will we receive and do we get usage rights?

I have never capped the number of images provided. You book us to cover live events and the team and I never know how they will go. The number of images will only be dictated by how the event goes. Some will be filled with wild and lively characters ready to be in front of the camera and others will be shy and reserved giving us less action to cover.

Are you fully insured?

I have full, professional insurance to cover every aspect of my wedding photography services.

Does it matter if you haven’t worked at my venue or with some of my other suppliers before?

No. If I haven’t worked at a venue before, I factor in a venue visit on the morning of the wedding (or before) to familiarise myself. If you're still concerned, please check to see if I've worked at your venue by getting in touch.

I love meeting new couples and their families and this also includes other suppliers, If we haven't worked together before, We can't wait to work with new faces.

Where are you based and how far will you travel?

I’m based in between London and Birmingham but most of my commissions involve wedding photography in London and the surrounding counties. I travel all over the UK and overseas, shooting weddings in Africa, India, America, Iceland and even Italy!

If there's something I might have missed...

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