Albums & Storybooks

like sitting around a warm campfire bringing people closer to share their stories


Handmade in Italy

There's nothing like sitting down & reliving your wedding day in a tactile, story-telling way - feeling those same feelings, laughing & shedding a tear at your memories. For this reason,

I am happy to offer these beautiful luxury albums, which are hand-printed & hand-bound in a range of leathers & linens. You can order these as an add-on to your wedding photography collection & they are available to you for up to 2 years after your wedding date.

Have a look at some wedding album designs below.

Every album is made à la carte by artisans. Whether you love full grain leather or natural fibers, crystal clear acrylic or eco leather our range will let you design a one of a kind heirloom. A lifetime limited warranty and the Italian-made wow factor complete the package perfectly.

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